Series UI Implementation

Make cool UI programmatically by Swift

Posted by Ky Nguyen on October 05, 2018

Hey, I am back with a series: UI Implementation.

I didn’t write any blogs for long time because of my startup. It is launched and dead in silence. But learnt lot of new things for my career path.

Any iOS apps need very good UI/UX to attract users. Users will remove bad UI/UX app immediately they try it on the first time or second times (very patient users). UI design is very beautiful with Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator. But with Xcode, not exactly beautiful like this. We have some different screen sizes, with notch and without notch.

In this series, hopefully I can write good posts to show you how we can do the best UI for our apps. To do this, I abandoned Storyboard and use Swift programmatically. Use my code base to make development easier. Will share you on every projects.

I will right back with first post.

Cover photo: Awesome design by Surja Sen Das Raj